Vibrating conveyors are widely used in many industries where there is a need to transport bulk materials. A particular application of vibratory feeders is the precise dosing of material for technological processes. These types of feeders powered by magnetic motors are characterized by a relatively slow speed, so inertia drives have to be used for fast transport, necessitating the use of two separate conveyors for feeding and dosing of the material. The key challenge in designing Vibe was to create a conveyor that would combine the positive features of the existing solutions into one machine, thus significantly shortening the technological lines. The savings resulting from this technology are in the time of the technological process, as well as the costs of machine construction and service.



A unique combination of two solution in vibratory conveying, previously available only in separate devices.
Thus far, technological applications that needed high dosing precision, required conveyors with heavy electromagnetic drives, which are high-maintenance, expensive and relatively inefficient for larger volumes of material. The more economical vibrating conveyors that use inertia drives guarantee much higher speed and volume of transport, but with greatly reduced dosing accuracy. Vibe is the world’s first vibrating conveyor that has the precision of electromagnetic drives and the efficiency and low operating costs of inertia drives. The effect is genius in its simplicity: it is now possible to deliver a multi-tonne portion of material in a short time, using inertia-driven feeder, while achieving high dosing precision necessary in the technological processes.



Infinitely variable adjustment of material transport speed in the full range.
With Vibe, it is possible to smoothly adjust the amount of transported material from zero to the machine’s maximum capacity. And the effects of adjustments are instantaneous, so it is possible to calibrate the dosing during the process and achieve exactly the desired result. Importantly, the dosing precision is not affected by changed in transport speed.







Clear and informative control panel that allows you to view all important parameters of the device.
Vibe is designed with Industry 4.0 in mind, so it is equipped with multiple sensors, whose readings are clearly and intuitively displayed on the operator’s panel. What’s important is that historical data can also be transmitted to our service department and allow our engineers to diagnose a fault or schedule a maintenance visit before a problem occurs.



Material transport halted exactly when you expect it. High weighing precision: 0,05%
The main problem in designing a dosing feeder driven by inertial vibrators is the precise control of the material movement in the dosing process. In the heart of Vibe is an innovative, patented vibration damping system, which controls the drives and the transport process throughout the entire range of the machine, allowing it to halt material transport without any spillage that normally occurs when the resonance of slowing inertial vibrators causes the material to spill over uncontrollably.





mężczyzna w garniturze



The only such solution available on the market developed in cooperation with research and scientific institutions.
Developed in cooperation with research and scientific institutions, including AGH University of Science & Technology in Kraków, Vibe includes unique and patented technological solutions. No other feeder currently on the market can match its performance and no other manufacturer offers alternatives to this patented technology.



Material conveying speed not previously available on dosing machines. Capacity in excess of 100 t/h.
Vibe offers the speed of material transport unmatched by any dosing feeder. It takes full advantage of the efficiency and low operating costs of inertia drives, so it can deliver a multi-tonne portion of batch in a short time, without compromising its high dosing precision. Furthermore, the wide range of geometry and construction options makes it possible to adapt Vibe to the specific type of material, which makes it both efficient and reliable.







Vibe is a breakthrough product that will change the way you look at transport of bulk materials and, in fact, simplify your entire batching process. Learn more about the Vibe family and find the right product for your needs. Our engineers will be happy to answer all your questions. Catch the Vibe with us!


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